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We provide practical, effective and impactful trainings. Attending our trainings could serve as a signal to employers that you are keen to develop your competencies, thereby improving chances of advancing your career.

We can arrange these IN-HOUSE for organisations. Contact to find out more.

Delegates are offered a CERTIFICATION on successful completion of training.


MS Office is widely used in business and office environments on a day-to-day basis. It is used to manage office requirements in all industries. This Masterclass is an expert instructor-led training delivered by instructors with a minimum of 7-10 years’ experience.

The Masterclass is for those who are completely new to Microsoft Office or those looking to refresh their skills. The Masterclass will help you gain the necessary skills demanded by employers or assist you progress in your career.

The Masterclass covers:
MS Excel (data tracking, writing formulas to perform calculations on data, presenting data using professional charts, and navigating MS excel worksheets).

MS PowerPoint (creating, viewing, and presenting slide shows that combine text, shapes, pictures, graphs and charts).

MS Outlook (understanding business and personal email management tools).

MS Word (producing outstanding documents using MS word).


This Masterclass is a full day training designed to help build your interview skills and prepare you for your next interview. You will learn how to answer difficult questions and how to sell yourself. This is a unique opportunity to develop your confidence in a very supportive environment. This Masterclass will enable you to reach your full potential and achieve interview success. It covers: What to Expect Before, During and After Interviews, Types of Interview Questions, Developing your Story and Answering Difficult Questions, Using the STAR Technique, Communicating Effectively.


Branding is a mix of how you present yourself and how others see you. It involves defining and controlling your image. Building a personal brand is tough yet easy and straightforward at the same time if you know the ‘tricks.’ People can’t resist a great story, so your brand should tell a great story about yourself.

Our Personal Branding Masterclass will help you understand your unique expertise thus providing you significant advantages in your personal and professional life. It focuses on the following areas: Building and Projecting Your Brand, Promoting Your Personal Brand Through Effective Networking, Understanding Yourself (SWOT Analysis), Advancing Your Career by Building a Personal Brand, Creating an Outstanding LinkedIn Profile.


Emotional Intelligence is the capability of individuals to recognise and manage their emotions as well as the emotions of other people. Higher levels of Emotional Intelligence contribute significantly to performance in the workplace. This Masterclass is suitable for early or mid-career professionals who work in teams or individually on projects.

Delegates will learn the fundamentals of Emotional Intelligence which will assist in improving communication, influence and overall performance. The Masterclass focuses on: Elements of Emotional Intelligence, Building Successful Relationships with Colleagues and Customers, and Dealing with Difficult People and Situations.


Writing excellent business reports and proposals is an indispensable skill. However, a lot of people struggle with writing style, tone, language, format and the length of business reports and proposals. This Masterclass will be very useful to YOU in your career advancement. We will show you how easily you can write clear, concise and persuasive reports.

It covers: Getting Started with Report Writing, The Structure of Formal Reports, Presenting Findings and Recommendations, Using Graphics and Visuals to Enhance Report and Tips for Good Writing.


A lot of people are timid, shy or terrified when requested to make a presentation to a group, a meeting or to senior management. By attending this Masterclass, we can help address most of your worries and help you stand out at your next presentation. The Masterclass focuses on: The Key Elements of a Presentation, Preparing Your Slides and Yourself, Delivery and Getting Better, PowerPoint Tips and Techniques, Top 10 Mistakes and how to Avoid them and Top Tips for Outstanding Presentations.


Our Career Success Masterclass will give you the practical means to transform your personal and professional life. The Masterclass will give you an opportunity to reflect on yourself inside out, thus, enabling you to improve your potential both in and out of the workplace. It focuses on the following areas: Managing Your Career, Creating a Winning CV and Crafting an Outstanding Cover Letter, Making Yourself Attractive to Employers, Managing Your Personal Development, Improving Critical Thinking and Problem Solving and Developing Commercial and Industry Specific Awareness.


The Business and Enterprise Start-up Masterclass is for anyone who is thinking of starting a business or developing a current business idea. The Masterclass covers: Business Registration, Creating a Business Plan, Value Proposition (Clarifying Your Unique Selling Point) and Building and Marketing Your Brand.


Training The Trainer Masterclass is for those looking to become training consultants. The masterclass covers: Strategies and Techniques of Training Business, How to Become a Great Training Coach, Fundamentals of Mentoring and Coaching.